Listen: How to Make an Album with the Company Stores

May 25, 2015

The band looks on as Don Dixon rocks out on air guitar.
Credit Matt Jackfert

Have you ever wondered how to create your own album? Or maybe were just curious as to how a band goes from their garage to professional recording studio? Let Matt Jackfert take you through a 10-step process of creating your very own album by following Charleston-based group, The Company Stores, as they went from playing in basements and garages in 2013, to releasing a full album in 2014 called Rollin' In.

Intense clapping session during "Street Corner Blues"
Credit Matt Jackfert

The first step may be simplest and the most difficult: Get off the Couch and Start Playing Music. Once you start playing real music with a regular group and go about it in an active, passionate way, things can start to happen--like getting a phone call to headline the Bramwell Beer Festival as the Company Stores did in 2013.

Electro Voice interviewing mic from the early 60s. Did I mention that Don is really old school?
Credit Matt Jackfert

Discover the other 9 steps and listen to the album by clicking the play button at the top of the page. 

Band Members:
Casey Litz -- Lead Singer
Matt Marks -- Guitar
Joseph Cevallos -- Violin, Trumpet, Harmonica, and a whole bunch of other stuff
John Query -- Percussion
Grant Jacobs -- Bass
Joey Liegel -- Former Bassist

To find out more about The Company Stores and to buy Rollin' In, visit: