Infographic: A Journey Through Early Childhood

Feb 1, 2015

Every child learns and develops at their own pace; milestones provide a way for parents to track a child's development over the crucial first three years of life. Every day is a chance for learning and growth for both child and parents. Take a journey through the first 1000 days and learn how you can both grow and learn together. 

The First 1,000 Days: Investing in WV Children When it Counts is a documentary that looks into early childhood development and how this critical time is shaping the future of West Virginia. We take a look at a few of the most successful programs that are helping children develop normally. We also get familiar with a few programs that help adults be better parents, providing families with the very best child developmental testing and services. 

The First 1,000 Days premiers Monday, February 2 at 9 pm on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

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Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting