Impeachment Committee Hears More About Court Spending

Jul 27, 2018

Delegates on the House Judiciary Committee heard more detail Friday about renovations to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and other spending by the court.

Justin Robinson of the Legislative Post Audits Division outlined the court’s spending for the committee, which -- since 2010 -- includes more than $1.5 million for renovations to the justices’ offices.

This includes, by justice:

  • Justice Benjamin, $264,301.22.
  • Justice Davis, $500,278.23.
  • Justice Ketchum, $171,838.33.
  • Justice Loughry, $363,013.43.
  • Justice Walker, $130,654.55.
  • Justice Workman, $111,035.19.

The court also spent nearly $115,000 on framing photographs and other pieces of art. Some of the items included two photos of Justice Allen Loughry’s wedding that were not kept at his court office.


Robinson detailed the spending from a binder filled with about 1,000 pages of documentation and invoices. Justice Loughry requested that some invoices be withheld, but they’re expected to be provided by the court.

House Judiciary counsel John Hardison also gave an overview of more than $42,000 spent on working lunches by the court over five years.


Lawmakers on the committee are expected to take next week off and return August 5, 6 and / or 7.