Huntington Woman Shares Her Story of Opioid Addiction Recovery

Aug 15, 2018

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning, West Virginia Public Broadcasting will cosponsor a screening of the documentary Recovery Boys tonight at University of Charleston’s Geary Auditorium. It’s part of WVPB's Recovery project – a focus on substance use disorder and the various paths to recovery. Part of this effort is sharing stories of those in recovery. Executive producer Suzanne Higgins recently visited with Kelly Strickler, of Huntington, to hear hers.

Also on today's show, are America’s schools hostile to religion?

It’s been a contentious issue since the early 60s, when the Supreme Court ruled that prayer and school-sponsored Bible reading were unconstitutional. Since then, evangelical Christians have claimed that God and religion have all but been driven out of education, and secular Americans, concerned about blurring the wall between church and state, have been vigilant over any erosion of that separation.

But not long ago -- liberals and conservatives both thought religious instruction in public schools was a good thing.

On WVPB’s podcast Us & Them in an episode called “The Church Lady,” host Trey Kay speaks with historian Jonathan Zimmerman about a program in American schools called Weekday Religious Education --  or “WRE” -- which started in the early 1920’s. We hear a part of that conversation on today's show.

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