Gear Up for the Winter Olympics with Sesame Street

Jan 31, 2014

Telly and Coach Pogolyi train for the Pogo Games as Sesame Street presents three new episodes in honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Credit Sesame Workshop 2014

New episodes Feb. 3-7 on WV PBS, daily at 10 a.m.

In advance of the Winter Olympics, Sesame Street has partnered with Team USA and PBS Kids to celebrate and support the athletes. This week focuses on games, sports and sportsmanship.

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Monday, Feb. 3: “3 Cheers for Us” -- While Elmo is trying to bounce his ball three times in a row, Zoe comes along with her pompoms and does a cheer for Elmo. Then Elmo tries to bounce his ball three times in a row again—and he does it! All he needed was a cheerleader. Elmo asks if he can be a Sesame Street Cheerleader too, and they set of in search of someone to cheer for.

Wednesday, Feb. 5: “Jack’s Big Jump” -- Jack Be Nimble tries to jump over eight candlesticks, but he knocks them over and falls—then runs away and hides. Now he's having trouble jumping. Has he lost his jump? Baby Bear and Telly find someone to help him—a kangaroo!

Friday, Feb. 7: “Pogo Game” -- Telly is practicing for the Pogo Games. He really wants to win the Pogo Gold but doesn’t think he’s good enough. Baby Bear and Gina tell him that he is the best boinger on Sesame Street but  Coach Pogolyi doesn’t think so. Telly and Coach Pogolyi train for the big event but Telly’s confidence suffers. In the end, Gina and Baby Bear help Telly remember that he needs to have fun too and Telly wins the gold!