The Front Porch: Just How Racist Is Appalachia?

May 1, 2015


This map shows in red the areas with the most Google searches of the "N" word.

Is Appalachia the most racist place in America?

A story in the Washington Post this week suggests that, based on a study done of Google searches of the "N" word. It appears there are more such searches in Appalachia than almost anywhere else.

Is racism worse in Appalachia than elsewhere? If not, what's going on?

On this week's podcast, "The Front Porch" gang debates whether Appalachia is more or less racist than America as a whole. We also discuss the surprising number of black leaders from Appalachia, and the history of close relationships between whites and blacks here.

Daily Mail columnist Laurie Lin and Rick Wilson of the American Friends Service Committee bravely delve into this tough topic with host Scott Finn.

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