Eastern Kentuky's Coal Future Discussed, Deer Hunting in Pa. and an Ultra Marathon Runner from W.Va.

Dec 14, 2013

Eastern Kentuckians talk about their future.

While the struggle to find jobs for laid-off coal miners continues.

A Pennsylvanian reminisces about deer hunting.

An ultra-marathoner runs his way to good health.

Eastern Kentuckians are ready to talk about the future.  This was evident this past Monday when more than 1,500 people showed up in Pikeville for the first SOAR, the shaping our Appalachian region summit.  WMMT’s Sylvia Ryerson was at the event, and has this story.

For decades, Eastern Kentucky has been defined by the industry. But now, more than 6,000 coal miners have been laid off in the past two years and a lot of those mines have permanently closed. As the region’s economy struggles to reinvent itself, many are asking what’s next. WFPL’s Erica Peterson went to Eastern Kentucky to see.

Deer hunting is a popular activity across Appalachia this time of the year. The Allegheny Front Contributor Patrick Wagner reminisces about his first, and only, hunting trip.

Another popular tradition, book clubs, have thrived across the region. In December, 1923, 13 African American women in Charleston met to discuss their love of books.  The Book Lovers of Charleston is celebrating it's ninetieth anniversary this weekend.  Yvonne Moore was asked to join the club 16 years ago and she recently talked with West Virginia Public Radio’s Beth Vorhees.

As the holidays are upon us, many of us will likely over indulge at parties, gatherings and the dinner table. West Virginia Public Radio’s Suzanne Higgins recently met an ultra-marathoner whose age and message may inspire us to get out there for a run.