East End Energy Efficiency Contest Names Winners

Jul 30, 2015

An energy efficiency expert uses this device to check for leaks that could add to a home's energy bill.
Credit Beth Vorhees / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Residents on Nancy and Lewis Streets in Charleston are the big winners of a contest that pitted block against block on Charleston's East End.  The prize was a more energy efficient home. 

The contest is called E4 - Energy efficiency in the east end, a Charleston neighborhood with older homes and apartment buildings.

For two years, homeowners signed up to have their homes undergo an energy audit and make improvements to use less power.  Emmett Pepper, the Executive Director of Energy Efficient West Virginia says the competition was a great success.

"I'm definitely impressed by how many people participated. We jumped in participation each year. And that's why this year we're going to be expanding the program to a city wide program where it's neighborhood versus neighborhood and not just block versus block."

Residents on Nancy Street saved 30 percent on their energy bills.  Residents on Lewis Street saved the most money, an average $81.21 between June, 2014 when the contest began and May, 2015.

Emmett Pepper, Executive Director of Energy Efficiency West Virginia speaks with reporters about the results of the contest on Thursday, July 30, 2015.
Credit Beth Vorhees / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

An energy audit begins by depressurizing the house so leaks can be identified and repaired to save energy.
Credit Beth Vorhees / West Virginia Public Broadcasting