Creation v. Evolution, Water Testing 101, It's a Good Year for Snowshoeing, and More

Feb 8, 2014

It was evolution versus creationism during a high profile debate in Kentucky.

Contaminated water is still a hot topic in West Virginia and we have a primer on testing it.

Regulating gas drilling has been a concern for a long time and there are lessons to learn from the past.

And it’s a good year to pick up the sport of snowshoeing.

The Debate- Evolution v. Creationism: Bill Nye the Science Guy took a trip this past week to debate evolution and creationism at the Kentucky Creation Museum. As Kentucky Public Radio’s Devin Katayama reports for NPR, Nye faced off with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis.

The Hunt for Young Invincible's: Kentucky’s health insurance exchange, Kynect, has topped 200,000 thousand enrollees, according to the Governor’s Office. Those without insurance have until the end of March to sign up for coverage or face tax penalties. With that deadline approaching kynect is reaching out to an important group of people- Young Invincibles. They are uninsured and between 18 and 30 years old. Kentucky Public Radio's Whitney Jones has more about why Kynect officials are targeting this young, healthy group.

Wyoming County Water Donations: Donations for another West Virginia water crisis are pouring in from across the country. Residents in a community in Wyoming County and have been purchasing drinking water since September, and as West Virginia Public Radio’s Jessica Lilly reports, it’s not clear when that will end.

How do You Test Water, Anyway? All these problems have drawn attention to the complicated issue of water quality, what can impact it, how you test it and what you might find. West Virginia Public Radio’s Glynis Board spoke with an environmental scientist to bring us the cliff notes on water quality testing.

Gas Drilling Laws Aren’t New: How to regulate fracking has become a big debate in the gas fields in recent years, but regulating other types of oil and gas drilling in the region has proved challenging for a long time. Carnegie Mellon University professor Joel Tarr has been studying the history of natural gas drilling laws, and says Pennsylvania should create tougher regulations at drilling sites. The Allegheny Front’s Julie Grant has more.

It’s a Good Year to Take Up Snowshoeing: It’s been a long, snowy and icy winter across Appalachia. And for those willing to take on a little adventure it's hard to beat snowshoeing. More than 5 million Americans step outside in old-school tennis racket style or newer metal and plastic snowshoes. The Allegheny Front's Ashley Murray joined novices to the sport as well as Venture Outdoors trip leaders as they clomped around Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands.