A conversation with West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year, John Nakashima

Oct 8, 2013

For more than 30 years, John Nakashima has made documentaries at West Virginia Public Broadcasting. But he’s also done more.

He co-edited the cult classic film “Chillers,” and worked on animated films, like “The Griffin and the Minor Canon," which is based on a book of short stories penned by Frank Stockton. Nakashima is now being honored by his filmmaking colleagues with the state’s award for Filmmaker of the Year.

John Nakashima is the state's filmmaker of the year. He's been at WV PBS since 1977.
Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

  Here is the 26 minute documentary, Clifftop:

Here are some clips from Mountaineer:

Here are clips from Different Drummer Documentaries Your Public Servant, and The Final Accounting