Company Pays EPA Fine After Pipeline Leak

Mar 23, 2016

Williams Ohio Valley Midstream has paid a $14,440 settlement to the federal government after leaking a natural gas component into three Ohio Valley waterways. 

A tributary of the Ohio River, pictured here, was effected by the leak.

The company paid the fine to the Environmental Protection Agency after 132 barrels of natural gas condensate leaked from its Moundsville pipeline. 

Condensate is a mix of gaseous components of raw natural gas that condenses at low rates of pressure.

The EPA cited the company after a 4-inch pipe ruptured and leaked the substance into the three waterways including Little Grave Creek- a tributary to the Ohio River.

Federal officials say the substance appeared as a sheen on the water’s surface.

As a part of the settlement, Williams Ohio Valley has agreed to pay the penalty, but has not admitted or denied its liability for the spill.

The company’s fine will be placed in the federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund to help clean-up future oil spills in the U.S.