Bill Proposes Three Changes to Create 'Common Sense' Purchasing

Dec 9, 2013

Legislators are working on proposed legislation to reform the state purchasing laws that is expected to come before the full legislature during the 2014 session.

The bill was passed by a subcommittee and will be presented to the full Joint Committee on Government Organization in January for amendments before it is passed and considered by the full House and Senate.

Senator Herb Snyder
Credit WV Office of Legislative Services

Committee Chair Senator Herb Snyder said the draft bill has three basic provisions that will help make purchasing for all state spending units more clear.

The bill:

1. Says all state spending units must follow the current state purchasing laws, even if the agency/unit is exempt from going through the state purchasing division to obtain those products or services

2. Says any federal grant money awarded to the state is also subject to West Virginia purchasing code and competitive bidding as in state purchasing laws

3. Gives the Secretary of Administration the ability to stop any contract he or she feels did not properly follow state purchasing protocol

“I’m really satisfied that these are some real common sense things that needed to be spelt out in code,” Snyder said Monday. “They’re some very basic things.”

Snyder said he expects the governor’s office to propose a more complex purchasing reform bill to the full legislature in January.