An Apology for WVPB's Radio Delivery Issues

Jul 25, 2016

As leader of West Virginia Public Broadcasting, I want to personally apologize to you for issues we’ve been having with our radio service.

This Saturday morning around 10 a.m., West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s radio signal started breaking up in a way that made it impossible to listen to our programming. The issue lasted for more than three hours.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting recently switched to a new system that relies on NPR to distribute our signal to our transmitters statewide.

Due to power issues in the D.C. area, NPR was unable to deliver our signal to our transmitters or web stream, leading to the gobbledygook many of you heard.

In addition, West Virginia Public Broadcasting switched to a new radio automation system more than a year ago. We’ve been working out some bugs. Occasionally you may have heard the wrong segment or even the wrong show playing at the wrong time – especially on weekends.

We take these problems very seriously. We understand how much you rely upon West Virginia Public Broadcasting, especially in times of emergency such as the recent flooding.

We are in the process of creating a more robust backup system that will allow us to transmit, even if NPR goes down. And we’re working hard to eliminate the bugs in our automation system.

Here’s how you can help – if you hear a problem, send an email to, or call  1-888-596-9729. Or send me an email directly -

To find messages about our most recent outages, you can check out our Facebook page or our website:

Thank you for your patience and your continued support.

Scott Finn, Executive Director

West Virginia Public Broadcasting