Aging Infrastructure At Risk As Climate Changes

Dec 23, 2019

On this West Virginia Morning, floodwalls, earthen levees and pump stations in the Ohio River basin protect more than $120 billion in property and about 720,000 people from the prospect of rising waters. Yet many of these protection systems are more than 50 years old. Some are in deteriorating condition and rely on archaic equipment. Liam Niemeyer reports scientists predict climate change will increase the severity and frequency of future flooding. And Ohio Valley communities have little means to prepare for that future.

Also on today’s show, the holidays are usually a time to be around family and friends, but when the loved ones who helped introduce you to traditions are gone, the heartache can be particularly intense.

But of course, the holidays aren’t the only time we miss those who have passed away. Independent producer Molly Born originally sat down to write a story about missing a loved one around the holidays, but she realized that grief doesn’t follow a set schedule.

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