After Killing Education Omnibus Bill, House Passes Teacher Pay Raises

Feb 22, 2019

The West Virginia House of Delegates has passed a bill calling for pay raises for teachers, school service personnel and state police. The increases would be the second in two years for public employees whose salaries are set in state code.

After killing the Senate’s so-called omnibus education bill this week, the lower chamber immediately began to work on House Bill 2730, which calls for an average five percent increase in salary.

A public hearing on the bill was held this morning before the bill headed to a final vote.

The measure passed 89 to 8.

Republican Dels. Bibby, Butler, Foster, Householder, Malcolm, McGeehan, Waxman and Wilson voted against the bill.

The raises for school employees would come at a cost of $67.7 million per year. The state police pay hikes would cost $1.8 million annually.

House Bill 2730 now heads to the Senate for consideration.