$250,000 Painting Appraised at Antiques Roadshow Charleston

Aug 17, 2014

A 160-year-old landscape painting of the Kanawha Valley was appraised at $250,000 during an Antiques Roadshow event Saturday in Charleston, W.Va.

The painting by Edward Beyer shows the town of Charleston, the Kanawha River and the green hills beyond. The painting was created in 1854, before West Virginia became a state.

The painting's owner told the Charleston Gazette that her grandfather won the painting, after being one of a group of local businessmen who commissioned it.

(The woman is only being identified by her first name, Helen, because Antiques Roadshow does not allow the disclosure of full names.)

The owner says she had the painting appraised before for $125,000, but had no idea it was worth $250,000.

This comes on the heels of a $1 million appraisal earlier this month of a Red Sox memorabilia collection, the highest ever for sports items in the show's 19-season history.

About 4,500 people attended the Antiques Roadshow Charleston event Saturday, the last of the 2014 tour. They were helped by approximately 145 volunteers and staff from West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Three shows will be made from the Charleston visit, the first ever to West Virginia. They are scheduled to air sometime early next year.