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Remember How To Can Vegetables? These Folks Do.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, we hear from people in our region who maintain a dedication to the art of canning fruits and veggies. It’s a practice that used to be critical not long ago to be able to survive long winter months in Appalachia. Their efforts are ongoing to revive the practice and make it easier for people who grow their own food to can their veggies safely and cheaply.

Reporter Caleb Johnson has this story about community canneries of southwest Virginia, in a story he originally reported for the podcast “Gravy”.

Hear this story and more conversations around food and farming, in this weekend's episode of Inside Appalachia.

Our Mountain Stage Song of the Week is “Graveyard,” a fan-favorite from Colorado's The Devil Makes Three.

Credit Brian Blauser/ Mountain Stage
The Devil Makes Three return to Mountain Stage on this week's broadcast.

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