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Study Explores How Popular Video Game May Shape Perception Of W.Va.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, it’s been more than a year since the video game Fallout 76 was released. The game takes place entirely in a fictional, post-apocalyptic West Virginia, and players from around the world work together to reclaim the land. The game is part of a series of popular video games created by Bethesda Game Studios based in Maryland.

Researcher and gamer Nick Bowman moved to West Virginia 10 years ago to work at West Virginia University. Today, he works at Texas Tech University as an associate professor of journalism and creative media industries. But last year, he and a group of researchers were curious how the game Fallout 76 might affect players who were not native to West Virginia.

He found non-natives forming emotional connections with West Virginia by playing Fallout 76. Liz McCormick spoke with Bowman via Skype to learn about the study.

Also on today’s show, the Kentucky tradition of the burley sales season took place in a Danville warehouse this past December as it does annually. Although the sounds of the season are the same, Stu Johnson reports, the scene has changed over the years since the days of flourishing tobacco harvesting.

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