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Artist Mines Markets To Create Unique Appalachian Work

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, flea markets are a common feature across Appalachian landscapes. Maybe you even remember going as a kid with your family. There’s usually something for just about everyone. 

Well, one West Virginian artist mines flea markets regularly to find material for his work. Old photographs, children’s toys and tin cans of all kinds become elements in his abstract art -- art that is uniquely Appalachian. Our folklife reporter, Caitlin Tan, brings us the story.

The Ohio Valley has some of the nation's highest rates of asthma and other lung diseases. The region's high rate of smoking and occupational hazards such as black lung disease account for some of that disparity. But researchers at the University of Kentucky wanted to learn more. So they turned to an unusual source: teenagers. Sydney Boles has the story.

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