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Podcast Aims To Connect West Virginians With Middle Eastern Culture

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, Inside Appalachia is looking at some of the ways artists are challenging stereotypes in Appalachia in a new episode out today. People on the outside looking in often misunderstand Appalachia’s cultural ways and traditions. This may come as a surprise, but those same attitudes are often leveled at people from the Middle East.

Eric Douglas brings us the story of a podcast that wants to connect the people of Appalachia and those of the Arabic World.

Also on today’s show, with unmatched musicianship and a good dose of humor, Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn are featured on the upcoming episode of Mountain Stage with Larry Groce. The first family of the banjo has our Mountain Stage Song of the Week with “Bloomin’ Rose.”

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