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Wheeling Street Medicine Program Provides Care For Those Without Housing

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, at least two organizations in West Virginia specialize in bringing medical care to those without housing. Corey Knollinger followed one of those organizations on their weekly street rounds in the Northern Panhandle to find out how nurses and doctors interact with those who are experiencing homelessness.

Also on today’s show, Eastern Kentucky has been one of the regions hardest-hit by both a dying coal industry and the opioid crisis. And in Knott County, the drug overdose and mortality rates are more than double those of the nation’s -- and are even higher than the average within the state.

But the community is on a path to recovery by leaning into its musical heritage -- it’s what the area is known for. The mountain dulcimer -- often heard in old-time Appalachian music -- is thought to have originated there in the mid-1800s. More recently, the area became home to a luthiery school -- which teaches people how to build wooden stringed instruments.

Folklife reporter Caitlin Tan brings us a story from Knott County, Kentucky.

And Travel complications led to a last-minute collaboration between guitarist Charlie Hunter and vocalist Lucy Woodward. For their album ‘Music! Music! Music!’ the duo set out to record songs from broad but specific time period -- 1894 to 1987.

We hear Hunter and Woodward with our Mountain Stage Song of the Week, "Be My Husband," an Andy Stroud composition most associated with Nina Simone. 

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