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Story of the Appalachian Mountains Refreshed

West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning, our most recent Wild, Wondering West Virginia question came from Wheeling resident Brian Joseph. He wanted to know about the Appalachian Mountains and their sister mountains, and how they shape who we are.

“Sometimes we forget. We think we are who we are, but remember even our state motto: Montani Sempre Liberi -- which is, Mountaineers will always be free,” he said.

Glynis Board set out to understand the history of the ground beneath our feet in Appalachia -- something many people spend a lifetime exploring. She meanders through the Appalachians, packing a 1.2 billion-year history into this West Virginia Morning. It’s a story that may surprise you. As Glynis reports, while many people consider the Appalachian Mountains among the oldest on Earth, they might also be one of the youngest.


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