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Q&A: Teacher Weighs in on Education Report

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, the department of education released a 33-page report titled West Virginia’s Voice last week. It presents education reform ideas collected from a series of forums held around the state.

The department concludes that “West Virginia’s education system is not broken,” but identifies four priorities for improving public education: increasing pay for all school employees, increasing funding for mental health professionals, incentivizing high-performing schools by providing local flexibility to explore educational innovations, and funding supplemental pay for shortage areas, especially math instruction.

The report also indicated most participants were opposed to both charter schools and educational saving accounts.

Glynis Board spoke with special education teacher, and president of the Ohio County Education Association, Jenny Craig. Craig is also a founder of the West Virginia United Caucus – a group of rank and file educators who are members of all three education unions represented in the state. Here’s an excerpt of their conversation responding to the department of ed’s report.

Also on today’s show, the latest episode of Inside Appalachia looks at how consolidation of schools affects community pride, and participation in extracurricular activities, like sports.

This morning, we’ll hear the first in a three-part story about the town of Northfork, West Virginia. The town was quite famous during the 1970s and 80s, winning eight state basketball championships in a row during one particularly successful stretch.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting video producer John Hale has family roots in this community. Roxy Todd sat down with him to hear about the story he uncovered about Northfork High.

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