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Water System Manager Moonlights as Metal Sculptor

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Moring, Mountain Artworks is a studio in Mercer County that houses the unique flair, personality, passion and dreams of metal sculptor Michael “Mike” Sizemore. His work often consists of recycled materials. For example, he might take an old glass ashtray, surround it with metal shaped like flower petals to create a beautiful, yard ornament suncatcher. Inside Appalachia host Jessica Lilly found out that while his art earns him money, he’s also chosen to keep an unusual, but practical, day job.

You can hear more of his story and others on this week’s episode of Inside Appalachia.

Also on today’s show, this week's Song of the Week is from Kenny White, a highly regarded session musician, producer, songwriter and pianist.

While he's worked on hundreds of projects over the years, he's at his most intimate in our Song of the Week, performing his song "The Other Shore" from his latest album "Long List of Priors."

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