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Student Reporters Tackle Teen Social Media Use


On this West Virginia Morning, for many teenagers, nothing is more captivating than the steady stream of notifications on their phones. Almost 95% of American teens own a smartphone, and 45 percent say that they spend most of their time online. As part of an Appalachia Health News youth reporting project, Fayette Institute of Technology High School Seniors Chloe Perdue and Keesha Moore examine how social media can affect teens’ interactions.

Also on today's show, homemade treats are everywhere around the holidays -- whether it be Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses or fruit cakes. But one Swiss holiday tradition involves making rosettes – light, crispy, deep-fried pastries made using a floral-shaped iron mold.

Our folklife reporter, Caitlin Tan, visited Mike Costello, head chef at Lost Creek Farms, who recently inherited a rosette iron from his Helvetian ancestors, to see these pastries get made.

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