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Trump Visits W.Va., Struggle for Sobriety and More

West Virginia Morning
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Many people recovering from substance use disorder rely on therapy and medication, but medications themselves can lead to unforeseen pitfalls. We’ll hear more about that and listen in to attendees who came to Wheeling to hear President Trump rally GOP candidates ahead of mid-term elections.

Thousands of people lined the streets of Wheeling this weekend, waiting in line before doors opened for a rally President Donald Trump held to boost Republican midterm election candidates. 

Amid the Ohio Valley’s devastating opioid crisis, thousands of people who suffer opioid use disorder find that treatment with medications such as suboxone help them recover from addiction. But some face a Catch-22 on the road to recovery. Using the medication while driving can land them in trouble with the law.

This morning, we’ll hear one of the conversations that was recorded in the StoryCorps recording booth, which is currently in Charleston, West Virginia. On Tuesday, West Virginia Public Broadcasting is teaming up with StoryCorps and the Clay Center to host a special live event to share some of the stories. One of those being featured is an interview Mountain Stage Host, Larry Groce, did with jazz musician Bob Thompson. Thompson grew up in New York City, but moved to West Virginia in the 60s to attend college at West Virginia State.