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Trump Visits Charleston As EPA Report Points To Slowdown in Coal Comeback

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, President Donald Trump touted the coal industry’s comeback at the rally last night. While the state has seen coal production and jobs tick upward in recent years – largely due to exports – a new federal analysis by the EPA indicates that trend is not likely to last. Brittany Patterson has more.

Also on today's show, on the latest Inside Appalachia episode, we go inside the world of local independent pro-wrestling. The Inside Appalachia team decided to explore the people behind this culture because it’s really popular here in Appalachia. And just like in other parts of the country, fans are usually pretty passionate and loyal to the world of wrestling.

We learn more about one local wrestler, who goes by Rocky Rage. We hear an excerpt of his story. Host Jessica Lilly speaks with our West Virginia Public Broadcasting wrestling expert, Adam Harris.

And for people searching for the best fly-fishing spots to catch wild trout in the U.S., central Pennsylvania still makes top-ten lists. That's despite pollution and runoff from agriculture and development. The Allegheny Front's Julie Grant heads to the region to find out how people there are working to keep these premier streams clean.

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