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"Us & Them" is a new podcast exploring all sides of the cultural issues that too often divide us. Peabody Award-winner Trey Kay brings us stories that may make you rethink your opinions on religion, sexuality, and other important issues. "Us & Them" is a joint project of West Virginia Public Broadcasting and Trey Kay Productions, with support from the West Virginia Humanities Council.

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  • COVID-19 exposes an "us and them" divide in healthcare. The coronavirus is about three times more likely to put African-American and Latino people in the hospital and they are twice as likely than whites to die from COVID. For this episode, Us & Them host Trey Kay speaks with Black West Virginians fighting to keep their community healthy during the pandemic.
  • Us & Them host Trey Kay speaks with West Virginian grandparents about the challenges of raising grandchildren during COVID-19. He also talks with Bonnie Dunn, director of West Virginian State University’s “Healthy Grandfamilies” program and Ana Beltran, co-director of National Center on Grandfamilies.
  • Us & Them host Trey Kay was invited by The Story Collider podcast to reflect on his “Year in COVID” and what’s helped him get clarity on the whole experience.
  • People around the world have spent nearly a year sheltering at home to avoid a global pandemic. For those who are homeless, the challenge of COVID-19 isn’t even on their list. What’s on their mind is “Am I gonna eat?” For this episode, the Us & Them team talks to homeless West Virginians about the challenge of sheltering from the virus.
  • A Black Lives Matter march in the tiny town of Kingwood, West Virginia set up a flash point. Black protestors and their allies faced off with heavily-armed white people who say Kingwood has no race problem. The event exposed the raw seam of rage that’s come to define racism in this country. In this episode, host Trey Kay speaks with West Virginia Delegate Danielle Walker, who is pushing back at the fear and outrage of racial hatred in America.
  • 2020 was a tragic year that we "muddled through somehow." It was a series of adaptations that presented a choice: sink or swim.
  • Faith practices in the time of COVID-19 look and feel different, but how has the virus changed our spirituality? Us & Them host Trey Kay speaks with West Virginians of faith — Pastor Matt Friend of Bible Center Church; Rabbi Victor Urecki of B'nai Jacob Synagogue; Ibtesam Barazi of the Islamic Association of West Virginia; and Rev. James Ealy of New Life Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church.
  • The Us & Them virtual dinner party is back — this time, for a post-election discussion over dessert. Host Trey Kay’s guests — who include Steve Roberts, Margaret Chapman Pomponio and Karen Cross — hail from across the political divide and talk about how honest, open conversation might help bring the country together.
  • As we enter the end-of-the-year holidays, group celebrations are discouraged to reduce COVID-19 infections. On this episode of Us & Them, a look at how people across the country seek to connect with others by adopting new food traditions.Listen Thursday, Nov 26 at 8 PM on WVPB Radio
  • Early on in the pandemic, many states declared day-care facilities to be critical care sites and ordered them open to care for the children of our essential workers. Months later, those businesses face continually evolving regulations designed to keep children and workers safe. The success of our services and our economy is banking on them.