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Whatever your stage in life, it is a good idea to think about and plan for how your affairs will be handled. A few simple steps today can give you peace of mind tomorrow by ensuring that you and your loved ones are well protected. Your estate plan can also be used to support charitable causes that matter most to you, such as the quality programs and education services offered by our community by West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

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West Virginia Public Broadcasting fills a void. We offer quality family programming to deepen your curiosity and to encourage further exploration and personal growth.

These web pages will offer ideas as to how you can become a true partner in shaping, developing and encouraging this programming through your gifts of support to West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

You will be rewarded with more than quality programming and tax savings. You will also experience the personal and emotional rewards of helping to ensure the future of quality public broadcasting.

There are as many different ways to support West Virginia Public Broadcasting as there are needs for your support.

The following stories share some of the different ways you can become partners with us in providing quality programming. We hope you'll make the time to see how other people - perhaps in circumstances similar to yours - have supported public broadcasting. In return, their lives - and hearts - have been enriched in ways they never imagined. Please click on the links below to read their stories. 

While we are constantly looking for resources to expand our local programming, we are also prioritizing some of our other current needs so that we may present a list for your information.

If you have already included West Virginia Public Broadcasting in your estate plans, please let us know by contacting our Director of Development Marilyn DiVita, CFRE at 1-888-596-9729, ext. 4906.

As there are a variety of choices in planned giving, your personal circumstances will determine what is the best way for you to support West Virginia Public Broadcasting. We will be glad to answer questions, review your unique circumstances and offer suggestions confidentially.

Please call or e-mail us (see contact page).

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Please note: individual financial circumstances will vary. The information on this site does not constitute legal or tax advice. As with all tax and estate planning, please consult your attorney or estate specialist. All material is copyrighted and is for viewing purposes only. The content in this Planned Giving section has been developed for West Virginia Public Broadcasting by Future Focus.