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Trey Kay

Independent Producer

Radio journalist Trey Kay is host and producer of "Us & Them," a podcast devoted to telling stories from all sides of the Culture Wars. He co-produces the podcast with West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Kay also produced the 2009 radio documentary The Great Textbook War, which was honored with a George Foster Peabody Award, a national Edward R. Murrow Award, and a duPont-Columbia Silver Baton. He also collaborated on a traveling exhibit called Books and Beliefs, a companion piece for documentary. In 2005, Kay shared in another Peabody for his contribution to Studio 360’s “American Icons: Moby Dick” program.

His work has been recognized with two New York Festivals Awards: “I’m Not A Doctor, But I Play One At The Holiday Inn” (This American Life) and “A Beautiful Symphony of Brotherhood: A Musical Journey in the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.” (WNYC and NPR). He has been an associate producer for “News Wars: Secrets, Sources and Spin,” a two-hour report for PBS Frontline. Kay produced segments for Marketplace, Weekend America, Day to Day, Morning Edition, and The Next Big Thing.


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  • Us & Them host Trey Kay asks students from his alma mater George Washington High School in Charleston, West Virginia, if they can envision their future in their home state. He also speaks with West Virginia native and former Intuit CEO Brad Smith who’s trying to transform the Mountain State into the “Start-up State.”
  • After a year of extraordinary social, racial, political and economic upheaval, some people say they’ve lost trust in one another, our institutions and our government. What do we risk if we’re unwilling to trust in our fellow Americans?For this episode, host Trey Kay speaks to several Americans, whose sense of distrust prevents them from believing politicians, government agencies, the justice system, the news media and their fellow Americans. He also speaks with social psychologists Dominic Packer and Jay Van Bavel, authors of the soon to be published book called “The Power of Us.” In it, they explore how the groups we belong to shape our identity and reality.
  • A year of working remotely during a global pandemic has shown us that having access to reliable, fast internet is neither a luxury nor just for city dwellers. In this episode of Us & Them, we’ll hear about the internet challenges from residents of rural Pocahontas County.
  • Us & Them host Trey Kay looks in the rearview mirror at changes from a year defined by COVID-19.
  • The CDC says the year of COVID-19 has been deadly for people living with a substance addiction. Isolation, anxiety and boredom, three triggers for drug abuse, have created a so-called mental health ‘shadow pandemic.’Us & Them host Trey Kay visits a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program at Cabin Creek Health Systems in Charleston, WV to speak with doctors, nurses and patients about what it takes to stay drug free in the Age of COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 exposes an "us and them" divide in healthcare. The coronavirus is about three times more likely to put African-American and Latino people in the hospital and they are twice as likely than whites to die from COVID. For this episode, Us & Them host Trey Kay speaks with Black West Virginians fighting to keep their community healthy during the pandemic.
  • Us & Them host Trey Kay speaks with West Virginian grandparents about the challenges of raising grandchildren during COVID-19. He also talks with Bonnie Dunn, director of West Virginian State University’s “Healthy Grandfamilies” program and Ana Beltran, co-director of National Center on Grandfamilies.
  • Us & Them host Trey Kay was invited by The Story Collider podcast to reflect on his “Year in COVID” and what’s helped him get clarity on the whole experience.
  • People around the world have spent nearly a year sheltering at home to avoid a global pandemic. For those who are homeless, the challenge of COVID-19 isn’t even on their list. What’s on their mind is “Am I gonna eat?” For this episode, the Us & Them team talks to homeless West Virginians about the challenge of sheltering from the virus.
  • A Black Lives Matter march in the tiny town of Kingwood, West Virginia set up a flash point. Black protestors and their allies faced off with heavily-armed white people who say Kingwood has no race problem. The event exposed the raw seam of rage that’s come to define racism in this country. In this episode, host Trey Kay speaks with West Virginia Delegate Danielle Walker, who is pushing back at the fear and outrage of racial hatred in America.