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So, What'd You Think of Our #WhyListen First Listen Music Party?

Lovely Pixels / www.lovelypixels.com
Bottom's up! #WhyListen attendees were treated to crafted brews and local #WVmusic tunes.

If you're reading this right now, chances are you made it out to last Sunday's #WhyListen First Listen Music Party at Shepherdstown's Town Run Brewing with MiBurg. If you did, we have a new music playlist waiting for you.

But first things first: Thanks for coming out and talking music with meMountain Stage's Larry Groce and Rozwell Kid's Jordan Hudkins! Your support makes cool #wvpublic events like this happen.

If you walked away with a new favorite song and want to see more of these #WhyListen events around the state, become a member of West Virginia Public Broadcasting. A gift of $10 or more helps us keep these events free and helps promote new #WVmusic from acts like Christian Lopez, Carolyn Malachi, Tim Browning & the Widowmakers, and more.

Either way, we want to hear from you. What did we absolutely nail at Sunday's #WhyListen? What could we have done better? Click here to give us your feedback.

While you're giving us that feedback, kick back with our Shepherdstown #WhyListen new music playlist, including a handy-dandy Spotify playlist with most of the night's music (where available). Happy listening!


1.       The Avett Brothers- Ain’t No Man

2.       Gordi- Nothing's As it Seems

3.       The Paranoid Style- The Ambassador’s Moring Lift

4.       Barry Adamson- Up in the Air

5.       Drive-By Truckers- Surrender Under Protest

6.       of Montreal- It’s Different for Girls

7.       Venus and the Moon- Marry Me

8.       Dinosaur Jr.- Tiny

9.       Gringo Star- Get Closer 

10.     Jake Bugg- Love, Hope and Misery

11.     Angel Olsen- Shut Up Kiss Me

12.    Foy Vance- She Burns (Psst... catch Foy Vance in West Virginia on October 16!)

13.    Field Mouse- Never Would Have Known

14.    Carolyn Malachi- Blowing Smoke

15.    Oh Pep!- The Race (Psst... catch Oh Pep! in West Virginia on October 16!)

16.    Chris Staples- Dog Blowing a Clarinet

17.    Bishops- Hookup (Demo)

18.    Rodrigo Amarante- Tuyo

19.    St. Paul & the Broken Bones- Flow with It (You Got Me Feeling Like)

20.    Christian Lopez- Swim the River (Demo)

21.    Tim Browning & the Widowmakers- Gasoline

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