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Workers from Oklahoma, Virginia Argue Against Right-to-Work in W.Va.

Liz McCormick
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

One of the hot-button issues in the 2016 legislative session is whether or not West Virginia will adopt Right-to-Work laws limiting union power.

Right-to-Work legislation would prohibit unions from requiring dues from workers who do not wish to be part of the union.

At a press conference Wednesday, AFL-CIO President, Kenny Perdue, argued the legislation lowers wages and worker protection, and does nothing to help West Virginia as a whole.

“It will be harmful to families,” Perdue said. “The rhetoric of the other side is so strong, but we believe the rhetoric is an untruth and is a making a huge move to destroy the lives of so many people in this state.”

Union workers from Oklahoma and Virginia also spoke about the negative effects of Right-to-Work in their states, urging West Virginians to reject the legislation.

Republican lawmaker say a right-to-work law will promote job growth in West Virginia and could increase average wages.

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