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W.Va. Delegate-Elect Attacked After Rescuing Girl


 A West Virginia delegate-elect says he saved a 4-year-old girl from being hit by train. In return for his good deed, he received a black eye.

Logan County Democrat Ralph Rodighiero tells media outlets that he saw the girl trying to go under a slow-moving train in Logan on Sunday. He ran to the child, scooped her up and called 911.

Rodighiero says the girl's parents and uncle appeared at the scene and he handed the girl to the mother. He told the father leaving the child alone was irresponsible.

He says the father punched him in the face.

Police charged the father, James Gollick, with battery. The uncle, John Madison of Pasadena, Maryland, was charged with child neglect. Police say Madison left the girl unattended in his vehicle.

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