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Group Works to Restore Oldest House in Hinton


The Campbell Flannagan Murrell House Museum at 422 Summers Street in Hinton, is believed to be the oldest house in town. The house is perched about a block away from the New River, providing a clear view of the water. 

Dwight Emrich and a small group of friends saved the house from demolition in 1990.

With a general store in the basement, the house was built around 1875 by Edgard Campbell and his wife. The family had just moved to Hinton, from Virginia.

Mildred Murrell, a descendant of the family, lived in the home and shared the colorful history of her family until her death in 1986.

Mildred Murrell and her brother Rupert.

Emrich says, the home had fallen into disrepair.

The home is filled with pictures, antique toys, original furniture, and even a player piano.

"We’re just trying to recreate the history so kids can see what it was like to live way back when and how it’s different from now," Emrich said.

Credit Jared Kline

The Museum offers guided tours on Friday, Saturday and Sundays free of charge.

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