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Shepherd to Host Annual County Tree Planting Event

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Shepherd University

This spring Shepherd University will host its fourth annual Arbor Day tree planting event on Saturday, April 26, 2014 continuing the effort to increase canopy in county and maintain the campus’s status as an arboretum.

“Based on the amount of canopy that could be supported in that county, we had actually one of the lowest amounts of canopy,” Carol Plautz, chair of the Campus Tree Committee at Shepherd said. “It could be because in the past there are a lot of agriculture or orchards that have fallen by the way side, but we have found we are a county in want and need of trees.”

The annual event started four years ago when the county secured a grant to increase the amount of trees in the area. The first event planted a total of 85 trees.

Prior to the first event, the Arbor Day Foundation had approached Shepherd University to turn the campus into an arboretum.

Plautz said there are several advantages of having a variety of trees on campus such as being good for the soil, educational purposes, shade, oxygen production and detoxification.

According to Plautz the committee aims to hold at least one annual tree planting event on campus each year, although sometimes memorial events are also held in the fall.  

This year’s grant will be in the amount of $1,500 as the committee plans to plant 24 trees. Volunteers, donations and materials are still needed for the upcoming event.

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