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"Real" Juice Bar Opens in Morgantown

Glynis Board

Ruth Haas and her family moved to Morgantown from Elkins a year ago and about the same time decided it might be cool to open a juice bar. A year later her juice bar and cafe, called Real, opened its doors to a welcoming community.


Real Juice, Real Food, Real Simple

Credit Glynis Board / WVPublic

“I’ve always said I just want to go somewhere that has simple food, and I just thought it’s what Morgantown needed,” Haas says. “There are a lot of people in this area that want to get healthier that are open to this kind of thing and I just thought it was a really good idea.”

So did her loan officer. Originally, Haas just wanted to start a small, mobile operation, but with some encouragement, and a micro loan from the Small Business Administration, Haas is looking to fill a larger farm-to-table niche. Haas stocks organic produce, but locally sourced produce is what Real is all about. She’s currently meeting with local farmers to see what deals she can make during the growing season. She’s passionate about knowing where her food comes from. For Haas juicing is about more than a food movement. 

“I started juicing when I had breast cancer about 15 years ago,” Haas remembers. “I started reading every book I could get my hands on because I just didn’t feel comfortable going all the way with conventional medicine—I mean it has its place—don’t get me wrong. “

Haas started juicing, morning, afternoon, and evening. And she attributes much of her health during chemo treatment and after to the practice. She’s what you might call a Juice Believer.

“I saw what it did for me, and I’ve been juicing since then for fifteen years. And it’s so nutritionally dense—the juice. So many fruits and vegetables go into a 12 oz. glass of juice. It’s amazing.”

2 popular menu items:

  • Heartbeet: beet, carrot, ginger, apple, and lemon
  • Sweet Green: kale, pineapple, apple, and lemon

“Most of the juices are what I drink, or I’ll see a recipe out there and add to it or take away from it. Or if there is a really good price on an organic produce item like mangos—then I’ll make something up to go with that. And as far as the food goes, I’ve always said I just want to go someplace that has simple food.”
The Champagne of Wheatgrasses

No juice bar would be complete without wheatgrass.

“We drive all the way to Sewickley, Pa.," Haas says. "The lady that grows it is named Cecily Routman and she has a business called Juice Heaven. She’s got a mobile juice bar, but she supplies all the juice bars in the Pittsburgh area and me with wheatgrass. She has the best tasting wheatgrass. It’s like nectar.”

Haas says the sweetness is all in how Routman grows it. And I can attest, having had several shots at this point: it tastes a little like licking a lawn mower… but from a very sweet lawn. Like what you imagine the grass of your childhood to taste like if you have golden childhood memories of frolicking through grassy fields like I do.

Some Why behind Wheatgrass:  It increases red blood-cell count and lowers blood pressure. It cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris. Wheatgrass also stimulates metabolism and your thyroid gland. And it sweetens your breath and tightens your gums for all you lose-gummed people out there. It slows the aging process. It turns grey hair back to its natural color…

Wheatgrass is basically some kind of fountain of youth. So get in line.

That’s what people in Morgantown are doing, anyway.

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