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House Passes Bills to Make Land Records Electronic, Adds Requirement to Consumer Transactions

Daniel Walker

After a brief delay, the House convened for its final floor session of the week.

House Bill 4010 creates the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act. It was approved and recommend for enactment in all 50 states by the National Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State Laws.

Delegate Mark Hunt explained exactly what the Act would entail before it was voted on.

“The proposed Act authorizes County Clerks to begin accepting records in electronic form, storing electronic records and setting up systems for searching and retrieving those land records,” Hunt said.

The bill will now move on to the Senate.

The other bill up for vote was House Bill 4220, relating to requirements for agreements wherein consumers prospectively waive their rights to trials by jury on claims arising from related consumer transactions.

Delegate Tim Manchin explained to his colleagues specifically what those requirements would be.

“This bill simply requires that when a consumer who is allowed to waives their right to a jury trial in a consumer transaction, it has to be done on a separate document,” Manchin said. “That separate document must be drawn up in a conspicuous manner.”


The bill passed unanimously and moves over to the Senate.

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