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What Does West Virginia Have to Do to Get Your Attention?


Former West Virginia Public Broadcasting reporter Anna Sale compares the Chris Christie bridge scandal coverage in New York to our water crisis in West Virginia. Here's an excerpt:

In both New Jersey and West Virginia, there is the shock of the most basic functions of everyday life being totally disrupted.

In New Jersey, the emails include a smoking gun. It was no accident.

In West Virginia, there is no clear foil yet. The chemical company deserves scrutiny. So do the decades of lax enforcement, the absent federal standards, and the idea that you can take drinking water for granted.

But for a moment, think about turning on your faucet, and being told the water coming out might be poisonous. Think about learning that little is known about a leaked chemical's long-term effects on humans.

The do-not-drink orders are starting to lift in West Virginia. Think what it would take for you to feel safe using that water.

And instead of dismissing West Virginia as an anachronism, let's think more about what is required to stop this from happening again.

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Anna Sale is the host and managing editor of the new WNYC podcast, Death, Sex and Money.

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