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FCC: Thousands Of West Virginians Will Have Ultra-Fast Broadband Over Next Decade

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More than 119,000 additional West Virginia homes and businesses will have access to high-speed broadband internet over a 10-year period.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced this week that an estimated 218,000 people living and working in West Virginia will gain access to high-speed broadband through an auction that was held by the commission called the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I.

“This historic auction is great news for the residents of so many rural West Virginia communities, who will get access to high-quality broadband service in areas that for too long have been on the wrong side of the digital divide,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in a press release.

In West Virginia, the auction allocated $362 million in support of expanding broadband to unserved homes and businesses over the next decade.

Nearly all locations in West Virginia that were eligible for the auction will be receiving access to broadband with speeds of at least 100/20 Mbps (megabits per second), and 91 percent will have access to gigabit-speed internet, which, according to companies like Verizon and Comcast, is internet “in a league of its own.”

Gigabit broadband is one of the fastest internet speeds available and allows consumers to download large video files like an hour-long, high definition online class or webinar in seconds.

All 55 counties will experience some of this expansion, the FCC said.

“We structured this innovative and groundbreaking auction to prioritize bids for high-speed, low-latency services to deliver the best results for rural Americans, and the results show that this strategy worked,” Pai said. “This auction was the Commission’s single largest step ever taken toward delivering digital opportunity to every American and is another key success in our ongoing commitment to universal service.”

The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I auction is part of a broader effort by the FCC to close the digital divide in rural America. In October 2020, the commission adopted rules creating the 5G Fund for Rural America, which will distribute up to $9 billion over the next decade to bring 5G wireless broadband connectivity to rural America.

See below for a list of winning bidders, number of homes and businesses to be served, and total support for 10 years in West Virginia by county:

BarbourCitynet West Virginia, LLC43$262,152
BarbourFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP687$3,575,497
BarbourSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.218$248,686
Barbour, WV Total948$4,086,335
BerkeleyFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,309$1,757,670
BerkeleySpace Exploration Technologies Corp.234$357,751
Berkeley, WV Total1,543$2,115,421
BooneFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP121$365,100
BooneSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.28$42,808
Boone, WV Total149$407,908
BraxtonFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,323$6,317,011
BraxtonMicrologic Inc.662$2,665,408
BraxtonSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.391$934,816
Braxton, WV Total2,376$9,917,234
BrookeFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP464$1,097,310
BrookeSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.111$169,702
Brooke, WV Total575$1,267,012
CabellFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,257$3,416,929
CabellSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.125$191,106
Cabell, WV Total1,382$3,608,035
CalhounCitynet West Virginia, LLC685$1,433,970
CalhounFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,199$3,124,831
CalhounSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.591$424,071
Calhoun, WV Total2,475$4,982,872
ClayFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,614$8,093,511
ClaySpace Exploration Technologies Corp.11$19,698
Clay, WV Total2,625$8,113,209
DoddridgeCitynet West Virginia, LLC1,272$5,066,358
Doddridge, WV Total1,272$5,066,358
FayetteFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP860$2,381,586
FayetteShenandoah Cable Television, LLC419$91,867
FayetteSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.2,058$2,533,544
Fayette, WV Total3,337$5,006,997
GilmerCitynet West Virginia, LLC1,975$12,327,245
Gilmer, WV Total1,975$12,327,245
GrantFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,717$6,464,328
GrantMicrologic Inc.931$3,698,934
Grant, WV Total2,648$10,163,262
GreenbrierFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,372$7,422,265
GreenbrierGigaBeam Networks, LLC643$1,178,080
GreenbrierSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.1,534$2,693,754
Greenbrier, WV Total4,549$11,294,098
HampshireFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP8,960$27,177,927
Hampshire, WV Total8,960$27,177,927
HancockFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP629$884,464
HancockSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.30$45,865
Hancock, WV Total659$930,330
HardyFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP240$771,379
HardySpace Exploration Technologies Corp.3$4,587
Hardy, WV Total243$775,966
HarrisonCitynet West Virginia, LLC115$491,250
HarrisonFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP504$1,508,026
HarrisonSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.115$107,058
Harrison, WV Total734$2,106,334
JacksonCommnet Wireless, LLC206$196,952
JacksonFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP3,097$12,976,070
JacksonSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.317$394,961
Jackson, WV Total3,620$13,567,983
JeffersonFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP250$359,970
JeffersonSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.122$186,520
Jefferson, WV Total372$546,490
KanawhaAltice USA, Inc.536$125,528
KanawhaFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP956$3,598,900
KanawhaSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.876$1,339,271
Kanawha, WV Total2,368$5,063,699
LewisFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,433$6,787,610
LewisSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.14$21,404
Lewis, WV Total1,447$6,809,014
LincolnFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,590$6,742,714
LincolnSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.5$7,644
Lincoln, WV Total1,595$6,750,358
LoganGigaBeam Networks, LLC497$740,565
Logan, WV Total497$740,565
MarionCitynet West Virginia, LLC940$3,353,513
MarionFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP577$1,318,035
Marion, WV Total1,517$4,671,548
MarshallCitynet West Virginia, LLC39$102,048
MarshallFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,131$9,038,010
Marshall, WV Total2,170$9,140,058
MasonFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP5,253$15,083,241
MasonSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.5$7,644
Mason, WV Total5,258$15,090,885
McDowellFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP553$3,145,554
McDowellSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.285$435,722
McDowell, WV Total838$3,581,276
MercerFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,653$7,024,422
MercerSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.388$605,448
Mercer, WV Total2,041$7,629,870
MineralFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,580$8,990,083
Mineral, WV Total2,580$8,990,083
MingoGigaBeam Networks, LLC1,137$869,882
Mingo, WV Total1,137$869,882
MonongaliaCitynet West Virginia, LLC674$1,014,588
MonongaliaFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP4,554$7,188,549
Monongalia, WV Total5,228$8,203,137
MonroeGigaBeam Networks, LLC4,733$18,446,130
MonroeSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.37$73,332
Monroe, WV Total4,770$18,519,462
MorganFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,910$6,377,781
Morgan, WV Total2,910$6,377,781
NicholasFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP4,632$6,339,390
NicholasSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.276$311,493
Nicholas, WV Total4,908$6,650,883
OhioFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP276$1,016,145
OhioSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.250$382,212
Ohio, WV Total526$1,398,358
PendletonFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,011$7,446,186
PendletonSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.13$19,875
Pendleton, WV Total1,024$7,466,061
PleasantsFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,070$5,290,686
Pleasants, WV Total1,070$5,290,686
PocahontasCitynet West Virginia, LLC747$1,791,105
PocahontasFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,139$6,290,076
Pocahontas, WV Total2,886$8,081,181
PrestonDigital Connections Inc. dba PRODIGI4,771$8,583,001
Preston, WV Total4,771$8,583,001
PutnamFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,607$8,649,259
PutnamSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.133$162,311
Putnam, WV Total2,740$8,811,570
RaleighFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP367$1,471,210
RaleighSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.148$226,270
Raleigh, WV Total515$1,697,480
RandolphCitynet West Virginia, LLC99$411,870
RandolphFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,963$6,122,338
RandolphMicrologic Inc.483$3,671,706
RandolphSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.51$218,474
Randolph, WV Total2,596$10,424,388
RitchieFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP381$1,758,723
RitchieSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.16$77,068
Ritchie, WV Total397$1,835,790
RoaneCitynet West Virginia, LLC2,937$12,042,244
RoaneFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,036$2,151,926
Roane, WV Total3,973$14,194,170
SummersFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP966$3,334,366
SummersGigaBeam Networks, LLC2,061$6,833,133
SummersSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.161$434,660
Summers, WV Total3,188$10,602,159
TaylorCitynet West Virginia, LLC442$1,297,396
TaylorSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.36$58,818
Taylor, WV Total478$1,356,214
TuckerCitynet West Virginia, LLC71$227,082
TuckerFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP2,228$3,143,133
Tucker, WV Total2,299$3,370,215
TylerCitynet West Virginia, LLC660$1,309,788
TylerFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,624$5,585,738
Tyler, WV Total2,284$6,895,526
UpshurFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,626$6,070,519
UpshurSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.49$90,158
Upshur, WV Total1,675$6,160,677
WayneFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,509$6,216,773
WayneSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.648$906,818
Wayne, WV Total2,157$7,123,591
WebsterCitynet West Virginia, LLC166$426,630
WebsterFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,631$3,788,028
Webster, WV Total1,797$4,214,658
WetzelCitynet West Virginia, LLC250$1,208,436
WetzelFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP1,345$3,988,175
Wetzel, WV Total1,595$5,196,611
WirtCitynet West Virginia, LLC527$3,950,754
WirtFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP700$3,728,292
Wirt, WV Total1,227$7,679,046
WoodCitynet West Virginia, LLC1,818$6,800,430
Wood, WV Total1,818$6,800,430
WyomingFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP487$2,246,659
WyomingSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.58$88,673
Wyoming, WV Total545$2,335,333

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