Charitable Gift Annuities

Joyce and Burton had been married for 47 years. Not long before he died, Burton looked into converting some of their certificates of deposit into a charitable gift annuity. He and Joyce met with their advisors and found out it was a wonderful idea.


Joyce: "We met with our tax man and looked at the idea. When I saw the income we would have for the rest of both of our lives and compared it to what we were receiving from our CD's, I was amazed! Plus there were tax benefits that helped us immediately. And now, I don't have to do a thing - it's all taken care of. The development officer explained how they could use our support and what it meant to them. It was something Burton and I did together, and I'm happy; really happy we did it when we could do it together!"

What have we done with support like that of Burton and Joyce? We've been able to fulfill our mission - public broadcasting's noncommercial, audience-driven mission. It guarantees that substance and value, not commercial considerations, govern our programming decisions.

A charitable gift annuity can provide tax benefits now and a lifetime income for the donor and a beneficiary if desired. Perhaps also it brought peace of mind to Burton knowing that Joyce would have the resources she needed if he was no longer there. And that what they enjoyed in their lifetimes would be able to continue for others after they were gone.

A deferred gift annuity is a variation on a gift annuity. A gift is made and the charitable organization promises in return to pay you an income stream that begins on a future date you specify. Since the payments do not begin for a period of time, the fund will grow without withdrawals until the payments begin. With more money in the fund once payments begin, the payments will be larger than with an immediate annuity.

An attractive benefit of this arrangement is that it enables a donor to make a gift now and take a charitable income tax deduction now while in a high tax bracket. Income may be deferred, for instance, until after retirement, when the rate of tax will presumably be lower. Deferred gift annuities are creative ways to delay income to pay for children's or grandchildren's college expenses, supplement your retirement income, or assist with assisted-care living arrangements that may be inevitable.

A part of each payment, as in any gift annuity, will be tax-free for a period of years. However, the precise amount of each payment will depend on the tax rules in effect when the payments start. Deferred and gift annuity payments cannot begin until one year from the gift date.

Charitable gift annuities are the gifts that keep on giving. Please contact us for an illustration of how your gift can produce income for life.

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