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This Employee Never Asks Anything in Return


The winner of this month’s Storyteller Award is usually one of the first employees to arrive at our Charleston facility, and often one of the last to leave. He’s dependable, friendly, and does his job with a positive and fun attitude. His name is David McClanahan.

Since there are two David McClanahan’s in Charleston (the other is our Director of Engineering), we call him “Mailroom Dave.”

Mailroom Dave makes sure the building is clean and well-maintained, but he does a lot more, too, as our receptionist Sharon Dunlap attests:

“Besides his daily routine, he often does errands for the staff. He never turns anyone down. He never asks anything in return,” Dunlap wrote. 

“He is a very punctual employee who is always on the job and never complains when asked to do something out of the ordinary,” she said.

Here's what another co-worker, Belinda McCallister, said about Dave:

"David does everything around here from shipping, cleaning, carrying packages to cars, helps Steve maintain the building, picks up food for fund drives, collects used newspapers for former employees and loads into their cars because their heath has declined, helps unload trucks when supplies come in, helps change locks on doors, helps with service people that change filters, checks to see that fire and safety rules are followed, and moves furniture when needed," she said.

"David worked all winter to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lot when no one should have been out there.  He did this everyday without saying a word," McCallister added.

That's my image of Mailroom Dave as well -- breaking apart ice in the parking lot so it would be safe to use. It’s backbreaking work, but he still found time to smile and say hello, too. 

Congratulations, Dave. You’ll receive a $50 gift certificate to the retailer of your choice.

If you want to nominate someone for Storyteller of the Month, please contact Belinda McCallister at bmccallister@wvpublic.org

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