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How Steven Grindstaff Made His Former Employer Cry


You usually don't want to be the employee who makes your supervisor break down in tears.

But when Steven Grindstaff's old boss realized he would be losing his prize employee to West Virginia Public Broadcasting, that's exactly what happened.

Steven’s current boss is our CFO, Tammy Treadway. She describes what happened when she called his previous employer:

“As I expressed my interest in having Steven work for us, I thought, ‘Wow, this man seems really upset about losing him. He sounds like he is going to cry.’

“Now I understand why. Steven Grindstaff is an exceptionally hard-working and intelligent guy. We are lucky to have him. All of us depend on him every day and he never lets us down.”

That's why Steven Grindstaff, our accountant, is this month's Storyteller Award winner.

After three consecutive years of state budget cuts, we’ve been forced to reduce the number of business office employees. We have fewer people, and they’re doing more work than ever as we prepare to switch to the state’s massive new computer system, WV OASIS.

Steven has buckled down and taken on many new duties. He makes sure all our bills get paid, on time and correctly. It’s a huge job, overseeing annual spending of almost $10 million each year, and following complicated state and federal rules all the way.

Steven also maintains payroll spreadsheets, invoices and reports on underwriting, records deposits, among many other duties. He is an efficient and dedicated worker. In the almost three years he’s been with us, he’s only requested 20 days leave time – annual or sick.

Think about it this way -- when you go to a play, you pay attention to the actors and actresses. The director may come out and take a bow at the end. And that’s pretty much all you see.

But of course, so many more people were involved in telling the story, from the people who designed and built the sets, to the accountants who balanced the theater’s books.

Steven Grindstaff is one of those people who make ALL of our stories possible. As our Storyteller of the Month, Steven will receive a $50 gift card to the retailer of his choice.

Check out the stories below to see previous winners of Storyteller of the Month. If you would like to nominate someone, please call or e-mail Belinda McCallister.

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