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TV Outages in Eastern Panhandle
Rebecca Kiger
Ohio Valley Resource
New research shows that deaths due to the mix of substance abuse and suicides known as “diseases of despair” declined slightly in 2018. But the mortality rates throughout the Ohio Valley and Appalachian region are still higher than the national average.
Lalena Price
As we enter the end-of-the-year holidays, group celebrations are discouraged to reduce COVID-19 infections. On this episode of Us & Them, a look at how people across the country seek to connect with others by adopting new food traditions.Listen Thursday, Nov 26 at 8 PM on WVPB Radio
It’s been quite a stressful couple of months for most of us. For this episode of Inside Appalachia, we wanted to slow down, take a breath, and talk about one of our favorite foods — cookies!We'll get some baking tips on a very special kind of cookie, made with local buckwheat and stone ground flour.
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