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Panel Questions


Right now, panel, it is time for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Tom, the ocean is an amazing place filled with natural wonders. And thanks to a group of researchers, it might soon have what?

TOM PAPA: It might soon have coral again.

SAGAL: No. That would be nice. Can't give you coral back, but they can give you this. I'll give you a hint. If it stops working, just unplug the ocean and plug it back in.

PAPA: The Internet.

SAGAL: The Internet connected in what way?

PAPA: (Laughter) Connected through Wi-Fi.

SAGAL: Exactly. The ocean...

PAPA: Thank you, Peter.

SAGAL: ...Will have Wi-Fi.


SAGAL: Researchers this week demonstrated the first-ever underwater Wi-Fi system. This is great because before this, you have to swim with a really, really long Ethernet cable.


ROXANNE ROBERTS: This actually goes through the water itself? It's not...

SAGAL: Yes, it goes through the water because it uses light beams and other methods that transmit through water in a way that...

JOEL KIM BOOSTER: That's so cool.

ROBERTS: That actually sounds very cool.

BOOSTER: I can't wait to Instagram my drowning. That sounds...


BOOSTER: ...So exciting.

SAGAL: It's very strange to think about how having Wi-Fi will change life underwater. For example, finding Nemo will be easy. You just Google his address.


SAGAL: And Ariel would be able to just buy a pair of legs on eBay.

BOOSTER: (Laughter).

PAPA: If the ocean promised me full Wi-Fi bars all the time, I would move to the ocean. I would leave land.

SAGAL: Are you sure? Are you sure? Because really, in the ocean, think of all the fishing scams.


SAGAL: Coming up, our panelists head outside in our Bluff the Listener game. Call 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to play. We'll be back in a minute with more of WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME from NPR. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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