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Coronavirus: ‘To Sleep, Perchance To Dream’

A man takes a nap on the Bryant Park Lawn in midtown New York City.
A man takes a nap on the Bryant Park Lawn in midtown New York City.

Schools closed. Businesses shutting down. Stay-at-home orders. The coronavirus has touched our lives in so many ways that it can feel like there’s no escape. Not even when we sleep.

Many people report they are having unusually vivid dreams during the pandemic. Some people are dreaming of tidal waves. Some are imagining swarms of thin, white worms. Some are trapped in buildings or homes.

As it turns out, COVID-19 is affecting us even when we’re unconscious. According to sleep experts, the loss of regular sleeping patterns in the pandemic, combined with feelings associated with significant life changes, are likely contributing to an increase in dream recall.

Should we be concerned about our wild pandemic dreams? What can we do to help ourselves get the restful sleep we need?

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