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Panel Questions


All right, panel. Some more questions for you from the rest of the week's news. Adam, phones give us a lot. We get calls, texts and anxiety from them. Now we learn that phones can also give us what?

ADAM BURKE: Phone calls?


NEGIN FARSAD: (Laughter).

SAGAL: I'll give you a hint. If you give one of these to your Labrador puppy, it'll turn into a Shar Pei.

BURKE: Wait, I don't know. It's an overwhelming sense of entitlement? I don't know.

FARSAD: Wrinkles.

BURKE: A wrinkle. Oh, right.

SAGAL: Wrinkles, wrinkles.

BURKE: Oh, there you go.


BURKE: Wrinkles. Is it wrinkles (laughter)?

SAGAL: Wrinkles is the answer.

FARSAD: (Laughter).

SAGAL: If you were worried self-isolation meant missing out on sun damage on your skin, we got you covered. Dermatologists have found that the so-called blue light exposure from screens is doing extra damage to our skin, which is bad news for everyone listening to this show while also watching Netflix and playing "Animal Crossing." And I know there's at least one of you.

BURKE: Wait, I don't buy - they're saying it's the screen that's giving you the wrinkles? Surely, it's exposure to all the content on the screen that's making you age prematurely.

SAGAL: Well, something's doing it.

PETER GROSZ: Well, my - a lot of people have Samsung phones or iPhones. I have an Oil of Olay phone, so I don't have to worry.


SAGAL: Negin, the Navy's two newest aircraft carriers are having problems. One important piece of equipment is not working. And every time it fails, it has to be repaired at $400,000 a pop. What is not working?

FARSAD: The engine? The...

SAGAL: Not the engine.

FARSAD: What? Can I get a hit?

SAGAL: Yeah, it's tough when these things don't work because then they have to sort of bring the whole aircraft carrier up to the nearest Starbucks.

FARSAD: Oh, yeah, yeah. The poopers, the bathrooms, the latrines.

SAGAL: Yes, the toilets don't work.


SAGAL: If you're wondering what a worse boat to be on than a cruise ship would be, now you know.

FARSAD: (Laughter).

SAGAL: Toilet systems on the two newest U.S. Navy carriers, the USS George H.W. Bush and the USS Gerald Ford, have been backing up, which is particularly bad, you know? They should've known they'd have toilet problems going to the bathroom when they named the boats after two old men.


BURKE: The really crazy thing about this is this is actually the plot to the new "Top Gun" movie.


GROSZ: I was distracted by the fact...

SAGAL: (Singing) Sit down on the danger zone.

BURKE: I have a need, a need to pee.


SAGAL: It think that actually...

GROSZ: It's very different in this movie when they buzz the tower.

BURKE: But isn't an aircraft carrier just one giant ledge that's over the water? I think I see a solution here. I mean, I know we want to save the planet and all. But...


BERLIN: (Singing) Take my breath away, take my breath away. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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