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Introducing 'The National Conversation With All Things Considered'


OK, to some NPR news now. Next week, we are launching a new program. It's called The National Conversation With ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, and my colleague Ari Shapiro will be hosting the debut episode this coming Monday. He is here.


ARI SHAPIRO, BYLINE: Hi, Mary Louise. Thanks for having me.

KELLY: Tell us more about the new show.

SHAPIRO: Well, our goal is to answer listener questions about the coronavirus, everything from what to do if you believe you've come in contact with somebody who has COVID-19 to, how do you educate your kids who are home from school? So every evening, we're going to have NPR reporters and outside experts addressing people's concerns five nights a week, 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 Pacific.

KELLY: And real quick, how can people join us?

SHAPIRO: People can go to the website - npr.org/nationalconversation - and submit their questions. We'll also be on social media with the hashtag #nprconversation.

KELLY: And they can send us voice memos. All right. That's my co-host and buddy, now also host of The National Conversation With ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, Ari Shapiro.

Thanks, Ari.

SHAPIRO: See ya, Mary Louise. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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