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Panel Question


Here's an unaired moment from one of our past shows.



SAGAL: Helen, with more and more states legalizing pot, the hot, new trend, as I'm sure you all know...


SAGAL: The hot, new trend is cannabis drinks. However, the manufacturers of these drinks are facing a challenge. What?

HONG: A problem amongst cannabis drinks is that you drink one, and then you fall asleep....


HONG: So they don't really sell a lot of them.

SAGAL: No, that's not the problem.


HONG: Can I have a hint?

SAGAL: Well, you may not notice by the third one.

HONG: Oh, it takes a while for it to hit, so you're just blazed.

SAGAL: No, that's not the problem. It's a much more basic problem for people selling beverages.

HONG: You pee the weed out.


JESSI KLEIN: I feel like every single answer you've given is the right answer.


SAGAL: Those are probably all true.


SAGAL: If there are people who are making these beverages listening, they're probably taking notes and going, yeah, that's also a problem.


SAGAL: I'm going to put it this way. I would imagine...

KLEIN: I love your...

SAGAL: ...If these things do come to market in the way they're supposed to, we will see a lot of sophisticated stoners sort of picking one up, holding their nose and then pouring it down...

HONG: Oh, it stinks. No, it tastes bad.

SAGAL: It tastes bad.

HONG: It tastes bad.


HONG: Oh, gosh. It was so basic.

SAGAL: I told you.

HONG: I was, like, way overthinking it.

SAGAL: You were, in fact.

HONG: Oh, it tastes like yuck.

SAGAL: It does. It tastes exactly like yuck.


SAGAL: Actually, they do taste terrible. They have flavors described as, quote, "oily grass..."

HONG: Eew.

SAGAL: ...And having notes of, quote, "dish soap and urine."


LUKE BURBANK: I know - I think you're thinking of Zima.


BURBANK: It really gives a new meaning to this Bud's for you.


PAMA INTERNATIONAL: (Singing) So it's after the show, and we need to relax. We reach into our bags for our favorite snacks. Fresh from the jar - we don't have to look far, so let's break it up, shake it up, buy out the bar. Yeah. I got a (unintelligible) and now I'm grinding, grinding, (unintelligible) picking out the seeds...

SAGAL: When we come back, the bluff game that's a real blast and the great Candice Bergen. That's in a minute on WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME from NPR. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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