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Panel Questions


BILL KURTIS: From NPR and WBEZ Chicago, this is WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME, the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis. We're playing this week with Helen Hong, Mo Rocca and Alonzo Boden. And here, again, is your host at the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago, Peter Sagal.


Thank you, Bill. In just a minute...


SAGAL: ...Bill - it'll be a shock. But Bill will be exposed as the leader of an organized rhyme ring. It's our Listener Limerick Challenge. If you'd like to play, give us a call at 1-888-WAIT-WAIT. That's 1-888-924-8924. Right now, panel, some more questions for you from the week's news. Mo, a new study has found that men are more attracted to women who have big, bushy what?


MO ROCCA: Oh, I bet it's eyebrows.

SAGAL: It is, Mo.


ROCCA: Yeah.


ROCCA: Yeah, I get that. I'm attracted to women with big, bushy...


SAGAL: The study asked a thousand people to rate a series of photos on their attractiveness and found that women with thicker eyebrows scored higher than women with thinner eyebrows, only to a point. They can only be so thick. If birds start nesting in them, too thick, too thick.

ROCCA: Oh, my God.

HONG: Is this what I've been doing wrong?

SAGAL: Apparently.

ROCCA: Oh, my God. Frida Kahlo, boing.

SAGAL: Exactly.


ALONZO BODDEN: So what about...

HONG: I need to get eyebrow implants?

SAGAL: Apparently.

BODDEN: What about all these women who shave them off and draw them back on? Have they been doing it wrong?

ROCCA: They should draw them on...

SAGAL: Apparently.

ROCCA: ...Really thick like Groucho Marx.

SAGAL: Exactly. It's no surprise that men would find thicker eyebrows attractive. How many times have we seen women at party say, hey, my eyes are down here?


ROCCA: Nice bushes. That's what you'd probably say - no...

HONG: What?

ROCCA: If you see two eyebrows that are bushy, that's probably what you say. Nice bushes...

HONG: Nice bushes? Then you get punched in the face.

ROCCA: Not - no. I said bushes.


SAGAL: Mo, no one should give up hope. This week, it was announced that a mate had finally been found for a very lonely what after a 10-year search?

ROCCA: A lonely - a maid had been found...

SAGAL: A mate.

ROCCA: A mate. Oh, I thought you said a maid.


SAGAL: A mate...

ROCCA: A mate had been found for...


ROCCA: My apartment's so dirty right now. Sorry. OK.


ROCCA: The - a mate had been found for a lonely leper.




ROCCA: Probably. I'm not saying - I don't know. Maybe - OK. Anyway, what - yeah?

SAGAL: Yeah?


ROCCA: Clue? Can you give me a clue? Can you give me a clue?

SAGAL: It was sitting all - it was - wanted someone to share its lily pad.

ROCCA: A lonely toad.

SAGAL: Technically...

ROCCA: Frog.

SAGAL: ...Frog. But I'll give it to you...


ROCCA: ...Yes, specifically, quote, what's known in scientific circles as "the world's loneliest frogs."

HONG: (Gasping).

SAGAL: Now, you may be asking, how did they know this frog was lonely? It's simple. They read his journal. It was filled with poetry.


SAGAL: Romeo is the name of an endangered Sehuencas frog, and he's been alone in captivity for the last decade while scientists have been looking for a mate. You thought you had it bad. This guy has a team of people trying to find him a match, and it took them 10 years.

ROCCA: So - but - OK. They're hoping that they'll...

SAGAL: Yeah. Well, they're an endangered species, and they're hoping that they will breed and...

HONG: Did they start a Netflix account for them, so they can Netflix and chill on the first date?

SAGAL: That'd be cool.


ROCCA: Did anyone kiss the frog just to make sure that...

SAGAL: Yeah.

ROCCA: Right? Because that would be a bummer...

SAGAL: That's what it's hoping for. You'd probably want to do that first.

ROCCA: Yeah.

HONG: This is like a Hallmark movie coming up.

SAGAL: It really is. It'd be sad if, like, they got together, and they turned on Netflix. And they watch Marie Kondo, and the male's like, I'm sorry. You got to go.


BURL IVES: (Singing) Frog went a-courtin', and he did ride. Frog went a-courtin', and he did ride with a sword and a pistol by his side. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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