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Congressional Exits

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan leaves his office on Capitol Hill.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan leaves his office on Capitol Hill.

The current Congress, the 115th, has the third-highest turnover rate since 1974, according to an analysis from FiveThirtyEight.

They report that 104 members of the federal governing body are on track to exit (or have already exited) by the end of this congressional cycle.

Documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (yes, the daughter of prominent House Democrat Nancy Pelosi) was able to speak with everyone from departing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to defeated Democratic leader Joe Crowley for her new project, “Goodbye Congress.”

Why has this cycle been so tumultuous?

We’re speaking with her about what these lawmakers told her about Congress these days. We imagine President Donald Trump and his relationship with Congress will come up.


Alexandra Pelosi, Documentary filmmaker and producer, Vice News Tonight’s ‘Goodbye Congress’; @vicenews

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